Welcome to the Settlers 4 HD Patch page!

This project aims to upscale every texture in Settlers 4 to HD using AI technology

Only the Settlers 4 History Edition is supported

Table of Contents:
New Features
Download & Requirements
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New Features:

The HD Patch comes with a few (optional) quality of life features, that will help newcomers and improve readability

Custom UI Themes (per tribe setting):
Custom font support:
Custom team color* support:

*(local only)
Full color custom cursor:
New settings menu:

Download & Requirements

Current versions:
[Plugin] 0.16.1
[Assets] 0.10.0-Beta

Check out the changelogs here

Download for the HD Patch Launcher (Current Version 0.13.0):
You do not need to download this if you have Settlers United, check your S4 settings to start the download!

The following minimum PC specs are needed:

* If your card supports DirectX 11 but doesn't have 2GB dedicated VRAM (Like a Intel HD/Xe) then you can still download the HD Patch but you have to use the Lite mode, which can be toggled in the main menu settings

Contact & Support

Did you experience any problems? Write us an email at
[email protected]
If you experienced a crash, try to include the settlers 4 hd patch log file and a crashdump, if available, in the game folder under /plugins/HDPatch


The Settlers 4 HD Patch would not be possible without these people:

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